Dating an INFP


I’ve noticed MBTI now seems to be a lot like horoscopes when it comes to the idea of compatibility and such nowadays. This post is not assuming that every INFP feels as I do, or that certain types cannot or always are compatible with others. These are just my observances of myself as I careen my way through the world. It is important to keep in  mind that any two people can get along regardless of personality type if respect and care is mutual.

I decided I would take two key issues I have dealt with in terms of relationships both romantic and otherwise and dissect them to possibly make sense of them to someone who is close to an INFP.

Cold Front Ahead

I figured I would address this one early on because it is often faced at the beginning of a relationship with an INFP and most of the times the end as well. Cold fronts are somewhat of a defense mechanism for me due to me just not knowing the individual or being uncomfortable in a given situation. It is characterized by a general pulling away from a person or situation with no personal or emotional connection.

If the first is true, I usually just need time to open up to the person in good time. Other introverts usually are understanding of this process whereas extroverts tend to be leery of it. (I usually attract extroverts, especially ENFJs, ENFPs and ENTPs, which for me can feel strange since I am usually very quiet in the beginning yet the extrovert still wants to hang out with me.) It truly is nothing personal to the individual, but rather a way for me to figure out what it is they want and what I want out of this situation. That and the fact that when I do open up people are usually shocked at my preference for deeper conversations combined with a love for goofy humor and Napoleon Dynamite impersonations.

The second situation, however is slightly more complicated. If I am uncomfortable in a situation I find it harder to open up to someone later on even if what I thought was true before turns out to be a figment of my overactive imagination. Why? Because I already went through that cycle of emotion. I already felt it all.

The important thing to know about INFPs is that we feel everything. This can be both a unique blessing or an acute curse. I tie emotion in to everything I do and see. If I am not feeling something about everything, I am probably dead.

This feeling of discomfort can happen at any time in the relationship and usually starts out as a small hunch or aching feeling in my stomach. Why is he mentioning that girl in his Organic Chemistry class so much? Why did he have to criticize me when I said that? Think of an INFP as a deer in an open field. Quiet, gentle and unassuming until she hears a small rustle. She picks her head up to look around. Nothing. But her heart is still racing and those next few moments, regardless of a true threat or not, will now never be the same.

It’s not necessarily that I’m a paranoid jerk, either. (I’m just a regular jerk, if you’re curious…) Usually in a relationship the INFP has an unrealistic view of the person they love. I tend to idealize that person to the point I am almost blind to them slighting me, until I feel that ache. Maybe that’s my subconscious’ way of shaking me out of my love drunk stupor to realize that things aren’t so peachy after all, no matter how many issues I sweep under the rug. He didn’t mean to do that, right? He loves me, right?

The sad thing is once you’ve made an INFP paranoid they tend to be gun shy for a while if not for life. I still have a hard time opening up to new people and trying to coax myself in to getting back out there. I’ve seen people be hurt by the fact I cannot open up to them like they think I should. But I feel like I have to keep my arms wrapped around my ribcage just to make sure my heart won’t fall out. I want to be open, but it hurts.  It only took one person saying a few words in a matter of a few seconds to wreck me. I didn’t feel the pain at that moment. I had already lived it for half a year.


Gone Girl

Another issue I often have in relationships is my general loathing of conflict. It makes me very uncomfortable to face an argument head on so I usually don’t. And just a word of advice, if you are a forward person never force an INFP to “fight it out” in any given moment. Being put on the spot in a negative situation will result in a catastrophic emotional torrent followed by trauma and deeply hurt feelings. No, I am not fighting you in public in the moment that you hurt me. I have been put in these situations growing up and I still feel those same ripping emotions as if they happened yesterday. I am a private person who half of the time doesn’t know how to put in words how I feel. It’s like a giant ball of twine with different colors mixed in that doesn’t have a discernable beginning or end and you expect me to find those ends within a matter of seconds?

Even if I am in the wrong and I know I am, if I feel that I am being attacked for the way I feel, I will shut down immediately or explode in your face and forever avoid you. There is no in between. So to avoid this, I run away because people usually don’t give me the time that I need to process what exactly is going on and how I need to react to it. Sometimes I need to go off by myself and cry, yell and react as much as I can to let off some emotional stress before I can effectively figure out what the logical issue is. I have to deal with my emotions before I can face the logic. Sometimes I truly hate this about myself. It’s like seeing the solution yet a part of you is willingly forcing you another direction and will not be satisfied until you are pulled down with it.

If I feel I will not be given that time to fall apart, I run away. You can care for me from a distance and I think that is the hang up most people face when dealing with me. And oftentimes, that is all you can do. That distance is usually what causes people to leave.


I may write more on this topic, but currently I am sitting on my back porch waiting for a possible rain shower to start. I can smell the clean scent of rain in the air now and I am thoroughly distracted.

I hope this wasn’t a muddled-up mess of thoughts. I wrote it with the intention of shedding light on a tough topic or a possible haven for the person who feels like they are alone in what they are feeling. Please keep in mind you are never alone.

Have a lovely one wherever you are and stay ever so amazing.



With ever changing technologies and opinions, I am afraid I am a little too old-fashioned for the evolving world around me. Sometimes I look at cell phones, cars and people and wonder how on earth things became what they are today. 

How is it people would rather type impersonal messages on a tiny screen than speak to someone face to face and see the emotion and color they portray?

Since when has connection ever happened without truly connecting?

Since when is the only important thing in life a paycheck or someone else’s approval?

I am by no means knocking the intelligence and thought that goes in to these advancements, but somehow they make me feel cold and uncomfortable. I want to slow it all down and shift back to my childhood where those things would have never mattered.

I want to ride my bike across a tree covered yard with my dog close behind as I imagine myself running from spies with a secret note in my bag. I love the rush of adrenaline it brings to mind as I remember how my lungs would expand with spring air and my skin would tan in the warm sun.

For hours I would sink deep within my mind and allow my imagination to take over my being. It was a true euphoria to be sure. 

That’s not to say these days are treating me horribly. I just wish for that simplistic feeling again. For the past few days I have felt it warm my bones along with the welcoming sun and warmer weather. I think I’m falling in love with where I am and who I am becoming. And for that I am thankful.

I am at a point in my life where the more superficial things don’t make me happy anymore. Sure, they have their teasing moments but overall I would much rather have a day to myself outside in the warm air or spend time looking in to someone’s eyes as they remember their life or tell about their day.

Give me simplicity. My heart and soul ache for it.

May you find your euphoria.



One thing I have learned about life is that is ever changing. I am also no stranger to this catalyst that morphs its way through time and space to claim even the most solid of souls. Every day I wake up to the same feelings but a new reality, so to speak. I am in a transitional time of my life that both thrills me and shakes me to my core. It seems that I am constantly finding a new angle of myself that I never knew existed, and for once I feel more free than I have ever felt.

With this feeling comes a revolution of mind. I wish for everything around me to reflect what is shining on the inside. When I started this tiny chunk of internet space, I was a different person. So now, as I transition into a new person, I figure a new name is in order.

I see the world through Silver Lined Eyes.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Have a lovely one,


The Great Illusion 

Make more money. You’ll be happier.

Get skinny. You’ll feel beautiful.

Beat everyone else. You’ll feel strong.

I have heard these “helpful hints” my whole life through the media, peers and others, as I am sure you have too. There seems to be a metaphorical line in the sand we must all cross to achieve greatness in our lives.

But please tell me, where is that line?

It seems that every time I achieve one of these goals, the end result I was promised is no longer there. Perhaps someone beat me to it and is enjoying somewhere down the road.

Maybe it decided I took too long to get there so it walked away. Or maybe it wasn’t there to begin with.

We are told intangible things can be found by achieving tangible goals. But is it true that doing these things will make us happier, more beautiful and strong?

Jay Gatsby would have traded all of his money just to live a simple life with the woman he loved.

Women and men undergo surgery and torture their bodies to be deathly thin or perfectly formed yet still feel sub-par when they look in a mirror.

And what good is achievement if you had to trample someone else to get it?

All of these things: happiness, beauty and strength are achievable at this very moment.

Happiness is a choice we all make when we get out of bed in the morning. The sad thing about some people is that they assume the world owes then something and in return feel disappointed and cold when things go wrong. Happiness lives on beyond hardship and difficulty. Happiness is the hope and investment of a brighter future. If you want happiness, then choose happiness. It’s literally that simple.

Beauty has been construed into an idea of angles, sizing and patterns that fluctuate like the tide. In reality, being seen as beautiful means making someone else feel beautiful inside. Flowers that bloom at the forefront of spring make us all feel alive and hopeful, therefore making them beautiful. Beauty is sought after with dollar bills and promises of wealth, when in reality it is purchased with love and goodwill.

Strength is seen as an aggressive show of cunning and resourcefulness in a pinch. It’s easy to look at a lion or a horse and  calculate by their sheer size and speed that they are strong. Yet one of the strongest and most powerful beings of all stays around your feet. The ant, though small in size, is known for its exponential strength and work ethic. Strength can be found in anyone no matter the size or background.

We all can have these things if we only take them for ourselves. Why continue as we are told when there is an amazing life to be lived?

I hope you all find happiness, beauty and strength in all that you do. Stay ever so amazing.

Loads of Love,



The Arrival of Autumn


Can you guess what is coming this week?

I’ll give you a hint: it involves teeny pumpkins, delightful soups, clear starry nights and loads of cozy sweaters…

You’ve guessed it, Autumn is literally just around the corner, on September 22nd to be exact, and I couldn’t be happier! Something about the crisp scent in the air makes me feel so alive. Soon the mountains will be painted in deep reds, golden yellows and sunny oranges. Not to mention the cool wind that sends said leaves into a beautiful dance around your head and through the pale blue sky.

I came upon a few honey bees getting some last minute work in before the cool air sends the flowers away.


Today we were fortunate enough to get some much needed rain. The sound of the tiny drops hitting the roof make me want to huddle under warm covers never to be seen again…



Although the sky is rather dark, I feel as if my soul is illuminated with promise. A promise of new beginnings and a whole new adventure. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I believe something is happening…

Now just to figure out what that something is…

I hope you all find your something and it fills your days with happiness.


Loads of Love,



“I See the Moon…”

I hope you all are having a lovely day filled with amazing things. School has started back so the constant rhythm of schedules and what not has been pounding in my head. Even so it is nice to look up and see the moon shine on so brilliantly.

It pays to look up, my friends. It truly pays.

Have a lovely one wherever you are and stay ever so amazing.


Loads of Love,



Urban, Kate and Fossil

K Spade Planner

As of late, my poor bedding has become the perfect neutral landscape for my latest obsessions. I simply love a creme or off-white background to offset colors and create a clean environment. The beautiful notebook you see before you is essentially my new saving grace.


Kate Spade Planner

Behold, the Kate Spade 2017 Floral Planner. When I first held this beauty I just knew that she had to be mine. The perfect pale pink dividers and calendars simply make my heart flutter. Suddenly writing down exam dates won’t be so dreary. What I love about this book the simplicity of the design and the font throughout the planner. It is incredibly appealing to the senses. Never have I ever wanted to have an active social calendar just to have an excuse to scribble in a planner! (And you’re hearing that from a true introvert.)

Kate Spade is one incredible woman.



The only thing that gives me heart palpitations other than a fresh, floral planner is the look and dare-I-say smell of a Fossil handbag. I love that the bag is a rich maroon. This shade reminds me of crisp fall days and walks across a leaf covered campus in the middle of October.


Urban Decay Crisis

Okay, maybe there is one more thing that makes me incandescently happy. Lipstick happens to be a bit of an obsession/ passion of mine. This specific shade is Crisis by the one and only Urban Decay. It is part of the new line of Vice lipsticks that all happen to call my name any time I step in to any given makeup store. It is a cream, which I prefer, and it has exceptionally smooth coverage. The plum/maroon color reminds me of cooler weather and over-sized sweaters.


Urban Decay Interrogate

Another shade that hit me straight in the heart is Interrogate. It puts you in mind of a spring color and almost has a nude hint. Overall I am pleased with both shades.

I hope you all are well and you are surrounded by people and things that give you the warm fuzzies. Please stay amazing.

Loads of Love,





Tiny Apartments and Happy Tenants 

Recently I have been a bit busy with life to notice little things around me. The past few months have a been a bit touch and go so to speak with summer classes and work so I haven’t had much of an opportunity to peruse through old treasures to save. Fortunately on my lunch break one humid work day I walked in to a local shop and found this beauty towards the back of the store with a sale sticker on top.

It is an old mail slot compartment that still has old yellowed tags on a few of the tiny boxes. The little “apartments ” are perfect homes for tiny cameras and succulents. 

Needless to say it gave me the warmest of fuzzies. I hope you are all well and doing wonderfully!
Loads of Love,



Dear Introvert


I suppose I should start out by saying you are amazing. I know the world encourages loudness and brashness as strength and most of the time it would seem easier to just go with the flow and be as others are. But we both know that would be tragic because that would mean giving up on the beauty and might within your soul.

Meekness is not weakness. If anything the power of being yourself and sparing from quick, harsh words is wisdom many wish to possess.

Please don’t let anyone tell you to be someone you are not. A candle doesn’t make noise to shine. Your calm and quite energy is a calming force that settles the world around you. Please don’t let anyone take that away from you.

Please know that you are important and you do make a difference. People see much more of you than what you realize.

Please don’t ever stop shining.

Loads of Love,

“Denali – a tribute to man’s best friend [OFFICIAL VIDEO]” on YouTube

Hello all!

I hope you all are having a lovely day. This weekend I had the special opportunity to participate in a pet adoption event with one of my friends. Going in to it I didn’t think that it would affect me like it did. There were several amazing dogs and cats who were ready to be given homes with loving people and lots of hugs and kisses. Yesterday three dogs and one cat were adopted.

It’s amazing to think how our four legged friends can make our world such an amazing place. I definitely plan on volunteering for more events after seeing such amazing animals and incredible people who work so hard to make the dream of a forever home a reality.

I first watched this video a few weeks ago and it’s message has stuck with e ever since. It is definitely a testament to the bond between people and their pets.
I hope as you watch it you have the same feeling of joy and love that I did. Needless to say it is one of the most inspirational videos I’ve ever seen. And not to mention Ben Moon’s awesome life and photography. His website and photography are definitely worth a look!

I hope you all have an incredible day and stay ever so amazing. Give your four legged friends some extra loving today!

Loads of Love,