With ever changing technologies and opinions, I am afraid I am a little too old-fashioned for the evolving world around me. Sometimes I look at cell phones, cars and people and wonder how on earth things became what they are today. 

How is it people would rather type impersonal messages on a tiny screen than speak to someone face to face and see the emotion and color they portray?

Since when has connection ever happened without truly connecting?

Since when is the only important thing in life a paycheck or someone else’s approval?

I am by no means knocking the intelligence and thought that goes in to these advancements, but somehow they make me feel cold and uncomfortable. I want to slow it all down and shift back to my childhood where those things would have never mattered.

I want to ride my bike across a tree covered yard with my dog close behind as I imagine myself running from spies with a secret note in my bag. I love the rush of adrenaline it brings to mind as I remember how my lungs would expand with spring air and my skin would tan in the warm sun.

For hours I would sink deep within my mind and allow my imagination to take over my being. It was a true euphoria to be sure. 

That’s not to say these days are treating me horribly. I just wish for that simplistic feeling again. For the past few days I have felt it warm my bones along with the welcoming sun and warmer weather. I think I’m falling in love with where I am and who I am becoming. And for that I am thankful.

I am at a point in my life where the more superficial things don’t make me happy anymore. Sure, they have their teasing moments but overall I would much rather have a day to myself outside in the warm air or spend time looking in to someone’s eyes as they remember their life or tell about their day.

Give me simplicity. My heart and soul ache for it.

May you find your euphoria.