One thing I have learned about life is that is ever changing. I am also no stranger to this catalyst that morphs its way through time and space to claim even the most solid of souls. Every day I wake up to the same feelings but a new reality, so to speak. I am in a transitional time of my life that both thrills me and shakes me to my core. It seems that I am constantly finding a new angle of myself that I never knew existed, and for once I feel more free than I have ever felt.

With this feeling comes a revolution of mind. I wish for everything around me to reflect what is shining on the inside. When I started this tiny chunk of internet space, I was a different person. So now, as I transition into a new person, I figure a new name is in order.

I see the world through Silver Lined Eyes.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Have a lovely one,



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