The Great Illusion 

Make more money. You’ll be happier.

Get skinny. You’ll feel beautiful.

Beat everyone else. You’ll feel strong.

I have heard these “helpful hints” my whole life through the media, peers and others, as I am sure you have too. There seems to be a metaphorical line in the sand we must all cross to achieve greatness in our lives.

But please tell me, where is that line?

It seems that every time I achieve one of these goals, the end result I was promised is no longer there. Perhaps someone beat me to it and is enjoying somewhere down the road.

Maybe it decided I took too long to get there so it walked away. Or maybe it wasn’t there to begin with.

We are told intangible things can be found by achieving tangible goals. But is it true that doing these things will make us happier, more beautiful and strong?

Jay Gatsby would have traded all of his money just to live a simple life with the woman he loved.

Women and men undergo surgery and torture their bodies to be deathly thin or perfectly formed yet still feel sub-par when they look in a mirror.

And what good is achievement if you had to trample someone else to get it?

All of these things: happiness, beauty and strength are achievable at this very moment.

Happiness is a choice we all make when we get out of bed in the morning. The sad thing about some people is that they assume the world owes then something and in return feel disappointed and cold when things go wrong. Happiness lives on beyond hardship and difficulty. Happiness is the hope and investment of a brighter future. If you want happiness, then choose happiness. It’s literally that simple.

Beauty has been construed into an idea of angles, sizing and patterns that fluctuate like the tide. In reality, being seen as beautiful means making someone else feel beautiful inside. Flowers that bloom at the forefront of spring make us all feel alive and hopeful, therefore making them beautiful. Beauty is sought after with dollar bills and promises of wealth, when in reality it is purchased with love and goodwill.

Strength is seen as an aggressive show of cunning and resourcefulness in a pinch. It’s easy to look at a lion or a horse and  calculate by their sheer size and speed that they are strong. Yet one of the strongest and most powerful beings of all stays around your feet. The ant, though small in size, is known for its exponential strength and work ethic. Strength can be found in anyone no matter the size or background.

We all can have these things if we only take them for ourselves. Why continue as we are told when there is an amazing life to be lived?

I hope you all find happiness, beauty and strength in all that you do. Stay ever so amazing.

Loads of Love,