“I See the Moon…”

I hope you all are having a lovely day filled with amazing things. School has started back so the constant rhythm of schedules and what not has been pounding in my head. Even so it is nice to look up and see the moon shine on so brilliantly.

It pays to look up, my friends. It truly pays.

Have a lovely one wherever you are and stay ever so amazing.


Loads of Love,




Urban, Kate and Fossil

K Spade Planner

As of late, my poor bedding has become the perfect neutral landscape for my latest obsessions. I simply love a creme or off-white background to offset colors and create a clean environment. The beautiful notebook you see before you is essentially my new saving grace.


Kate Spade Planner

Behold, the Kate Spade 2017 Floral Planner. When I first held this beauty I just knew that she had to be mine. The perfect pale pink dividers and calendars simply make my heart flutter. Suddenly writing down exam dates won’t be so dreary. What I love about this book the simplicity of the design and the font throughout the planner. It is incredibly appealing to the senses. Never have I ever wanted to have an active social calendar just to have an excuse to scribble in a planner! (And you’re hearing that from a true introvert.)

Kate Spade is one incredible woman.



The only thing that gives me heart palpitations other than a fresh, floral planner is the look and dare-I-say smell of a Fossil handbag. I love that the bag is a rich maroon. This shade reminds me of crisp fall days and walks across a leaf covered campus in the middle of October.


Urban Decay Crisis

Okay, maybe there is one more thing that makes me incandescently happy. Lipstick happens to be a bit of an obsession/ passion of mine. This specific shade is Crisis by the one and only Urban Decay. It is part of the new line of Vice lipsticks that all happen to call my name any time I step in to any given makeup store. It is a cream, which I prefer, and it has exceptionally smooth coverage. The plum/maroon color reminds me of cooler weather and over-sized sweaters.


Urban Decay Interrogate

Another shade that hit me straight in the heart is Interrogate. It puts you in mind of a spring color and almost has a nude hint. Overall I am pleased with both shades.

I hope you all are well and you are surrounded by people and things that give you the warm fuzzies. Please stay amazing.

Loads of Love,





Tiny Apartments and Happy Tenants 

Recently I have been a bit busy with life to notice little things around me. The past few months have a been a bit touch and go so to speak with summer classes and work so I haven’t had much of an opportunity to peruse through old treasures to save. Fortunately on my lunch break one humid work day I walked in to a local shop and found this beauty towards the back of the store with a sale sticker on top.

It is an old mail slot compartment that still has old yellowed tags on a few of the tiny boxes. The little “apartments ” are perfect homes for tiny cameras and succulents. 

Needless to say it gave me the warmest of fuzzies. I hope you are all well and doing wonderfully!
Loads of Love,