Dear Introvert


I suppose I should start out by saying you are amazing. I know the world encourages loudness and brashness as strength and most of the time it would seem easier to just go with the flow and be as others are. But we both know that would be tragic because that would mean giving up on the beauty and might within your soul.

Meekness is not weakness. If anything the power of being yourself and sparing from quick, harsh words is wisdom many wish to possess.

Please don’t let anyone tell you to be someone you are not. A candle doesn’t make noise to shine. Your calm and quite energy is a calming force that settles the world around you. Please don’t let anyone take that away from you.

Please know that you are important and you do make a difference. People see much more of you than what you realize.

Please don’t ever stop shining.

Loads of Love,