Astronomical Indeed


Today is an absolutely gorgeous day to study outside. There are a few slender clouds overhead gently hugging the pale blue sky and the trees are beginning to bud with fresh shades of bright green, pinks and purples. Although I am studying astronomy with a hint of physics and my head is slightly spinning from allergies, I can’t help but have a big smile on my face. She’s here, spring is here! And I’ve missed my dear friend.

On top of that I’m wearing my favorite pair of oxfords and my blouse that has lots of little birds on it. Needless to say I am swaying and smiling in dizzy delirium.

Allergies: not so great.

Favorite season, shoes and blouse: very astronomical indeed.

I hope your day is as astronomical as mine. (Minus all the complicated physics. Unless you enjoy a challenge…)

Loads of Love,



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