Astronomical Indeed


Today is an absolutely gorgeous day to study outside. There are a few slender clouds overhead gently hugging the pale blue sky and the trees are beginning to bud with fresh shades of bright green, pinks and purples. Although I am studying astronomy with a hint of physics and my head is slightly spinning from allergies, I can’t help but have a big smile on my face. She’s here, spring is here! And I’ve missed my dear friend.

On top of that I’m wearing my favorite pair of oxfords and my blouse that has lots of little birds on it. Needless to say I am swaying and smiling in dizzy delirium.

Allergies: not so great.

Favorite season, shoes and blouse: very astronomical indeed.

I hope your day is as astronomical as mine. (Minus all the complicated physics. Unless you enjoy a challenge…)

Loads of Love,



A Castle in the Mountains


I believe old architecture and craftsmanship is something to be admired. One of the best places in the South to see amazing design and craftsmanship is at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina. With its large rooms and beautiful attention to detail, it is sure to amaze everyone that steps on its grounds. It was completed in 1895 and it is the largest privately owned home in the United States. The fascinating thing is that this giant sits in the still mountains of North Carolina all to itself. It holds staggering amounts of history and tradition in its old walls and I simply loved getting to see it again. My Mom decided for my birthday that a trip to Biltmore would mean more than a tangible gift. (She was correct, as usual.)


As soon as we walked through the large iron and wood doors, we were greeted by this beautiful display. This spring, Biltmore will be displaying several wedding gowns and costumes worn in movies such as Out of Africa, Pride and Prejudice and Howard’s End to name a few.



This beautiful gallery of flowers was directly to the right as we stepped deeper into the house. The way the morning sun gleamed through the windows was breathtaking.



The billiard room was quite large to say the least. Something about this room made me want to sit back and enjoy the warm sun shining through on the floor.



We filed our way to a large dining room with chandeliers that would make even the coldest heart melt away.



Their sheer size was gently accentuated by pale blue streamers and beautiful spring flowers. I get chills just thinking of them.



And if you don’t like the large, drafty dining room you can always pick the smaller, more intimate one that happens to be just as lavish as anything you would find in Downton Abbey. I am pretty sure Lady Mary would glare me into the floor for saying that…



Of course, when one lives in a large and drafty estate, one must equip every room with a functional and tasteful fireplace to add warmth to the room. (Both literally and metaphorically, I might add.) This is one of many, and again I repeat, many fireplaces found in Biltmore.



My favorite room by far was the library. It puts me in mind of a smaller version that the Beast gave Belle in Beauty and the Beast. Yes, a Disney reference was quite necessary. The innumerable colorfully bound books were all highlighted in gold lettering and varied in shape as they hugged the dark wooden walls. Yet again I have chills. Oh yes, the dress is lovely too.



This dress was probably the most eye catching in both a calming and eerie sort of way. I believe it is because of the pale reflection of the mannequin in the golden mirror.  It was used in an earlier rendition of Hamlet and was displayed in Mrs. Vanderbilt’s room.



These are the large chandeliers that light the staircases in the front of the estate. Can you imagine how they look at night? The chills just won’t stop.







And this is the lovely kitchen. It was my second favorite room in the house. I love how bright and warm the yellow is against the clean white tile on the walls. It gives it such a cozy feeling.



And this is the outside view from the side garden. All the flowers were starting to bud in anticipation of spring.




And here I am posing. Not really. I just discovered a helicopter flying overhead while my Mom was taking my picture. I tried though, I really did.


I believe my trip to Biltmore was the best birthday present I have ever received. And I am very grateful I was able to spend it with one of my favorite people, my Mom.

I hope you all have a lovely day! Stay ever so amazing.


Loads of Love,



Bee Happy


Happiness by far is one of the best decisions to be made. Although it is very easy to allow people and situations to wreak havoc on your mind, it always pays to be happy and kind. Being outside in this lovely weather and seeing bees and flowers cover the ground makes my heart skip a beat or two. Sunshine is the best sort of medicine.

I hope you can find happiness in the tiniest things around you. Have a lovely one wherever you are!

Loads of Love,