A Day In the Winter Wonderland


As you may already know, the South has been getting quite a bit of snow and ice in comparison to what we’re used to. I have been out of both school and work now for two days and I am getting a bit stir crazy. Cabin fever is real, folks and it doesn’t tread lightly.



Naturally, when opportunity rears its head and knocks on your snow covered door, you sling it open and enjoy the crisp winter air.


And what is a snap happy photo session without an aesthetic shot of a ginormous icicle to make you ponder the delicate and beautiful things in life? Oh yes, and there’s my sister standing obscurely at the entrance of the thought provoking tunnel.


And here are our multi-purpose snow/rain boots. (Mine are the ones with little umbrellas on them!)


The river was breathtaking in both beauty and the chilling air it produced. Needless to say a swim at that point would not be very pleasant.


Although you can barely see him, this old fellow knows the importance of a good parking spot. I couldn’t get a close enough look at him to see what make he was, but I figured he  was handsome nonetheless.


And what sort of Volkswagen enthusiast would I be if I didn’t include this very happy hippie? Who said flower children can’t enjoy snow? Unfortunately this is not my van. (But he is in my dreams.)

I hope you are fairing well wherever you are and that your weather is as fantastic as you are!

Loads of Love,




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