Comfy Cozy


Comfy places are hard to find, my friends. This evening has been quite chilly in my neck of the woods and my bed is most definitely the best alternative for the evening. I love having a lamp on my nightstand because of the warm light it gives. Granted it is much darker than an overhead, but it makes everything seem simpler to me.


My desk is looking fairly lively. The plants have tucked in for the night and Mr. Happy Hippie Frog seems to be staring off in to a far corner. Maybe he has something on his mind.

hot chocolate

Hot chocolate in a favorite mug topped the evening off quite nicely. For some reason hot chocolate always makes me want to hiccup. Involuntary diaphragm spasms or not, it was very tasty and it reminded me of simpler times.

I think everyone needs a cozy place to get away from it all. A beacon if you will that shelters from harsh winds and cold evenings. A special place that offers fuzzy pajamas and cushy pillows to lean on while reading. I am fortunate to have my little nest of happiness that allows me to forget about my worries.

I hope you have a comfy cozy place too! Stay ever so amazing.

Loads of Love,




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