Solitude is something most people fear. At the slightest chance of being alone most people run away from the feelings it brings, but to me it is a chance to learn. In truth I love being alone. It’s not that I don’t love people or interaction. Sadly though, for the most part I don’t really feel like I belong anywhere. Maybe that’s why my thoughts are my best friends.

I hate how people socialize. I hate pretending to love something I care nothing for in my heart. I hate feeling the need to suppress my  feelings for the sake of saving face. I hate being forced to converse when I have absolutely nothing to say. I hate filling silence with awkward words just because we are taught that silence is too loud. And I suppose that is  why I am in love with Alone.

When I’m alone I feel free. I don’t have to speak or entertain. I am my own company and I am perfectly fine with that. My mind is constantly screaming with ideas and concepts without outside noises and judgments. I feel alive in the stillness of a quite space and a roaring mind.

So leave me be on this lonely road. I’ll hold my own hand if the journey gets too long.

Stay ever so amazing.

Loads of Love,




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