My Tennessee Home

I was born and raised in the Appalachian Mountains. I have never known a world without lush green woods highlighted with summer rain or fiery leaves blanketing back roads and sidewalks in autumn. Rivers slowly careen and hem in their surroundings with the firm yet gentle nudge of a father guiding his child towards home. The sun warms our bones and smiles on pine covered peaks that reach their lofty hands to awe inspiring sky. Clouds roll over pastures of nonchalant cattle and carpets of green grass. Birds trace the sky with soft feathers and glide dreamily back down to jealous earth.

East Tennessee will always be my home. If she is a humble place then please label me with the humble. She is not known for her great wealth, sparkling cities or rich industry. She was carried on the backs of weary farmers and nurtured by the gentle hands of Natives who loved her. She holds no special place in hearts, but she is every part of mine.

The mountains taught me the beauty of boundaries that once seemed so needless. They have repeatedly shielded cold and strong winds from the doors of our homes. They remind me that the strongest things in life aren’t moved by every slight of wind that whistles ominously through anxious ever listening ears.

Crisp Morning

My Tennessee home has taught me that simplicity is best.

The House of Charlotte

Even the smallest things can make the biggest impact in life.

Leaf Curtains

Life is a gradual changing of seasons.

Light and Dark

Darkness can never overshadow light.


The best ceilings are made of leaves.


Roads are best traveled with a warm hand to hold.

Rags to Riches

Any beautiful soul can grow from rags to riches.

No Trespassing

And sometimes signs are along the way for a reason.

Perhaps one day I will be a well rounded individual if I heed these important lessons. I suppose until that day comes I will just stand back and admire the view.

Stay ever so lovely.

Loads of Love,




Comfy Cozy


Comfy places are hard to find, my friends. This evening has been quite chilly in my neck of the woods and my bed is most definitely the best alternative for the evening. I love having a lamp on my nightstand because of the warm light it gives. Granted it is much darker than an overhead, but it makes everything seem simpler to me.


My desk is looking fairly lively. The plants have tucked in for the night and Mr. Happy Hippie Frog seems to be staring off in to a far corner. Maybe he has something on his mind.

hot chocolate

Hot chocolate in a favorite mug topped the evening off quite nicely. For some reason hot chocolate always makes me want to hiccup. Involuntary diaphragm spasms or not, it was very tasty and it reminded me of simpler times.

I think everyone needs a cozy place to get away from it all. A beacon if you will that shelters from harsh winds and cold evenings. A special place that offers fuzzy pajamas and cushy pillows to lean on while reading. I am fortunate to have my little nest of happiness that allows me to forget about my worries.

I hope you have a comfy cozy place too! Stay ever so amazing.

Loads of Love,





Solitude is something most people fear. At the slightest chance of being alone most people run away from the feelings it brings, but to me it is a chance to learn. In truth I love being alone. It’s not that I don’t love people or interaction. Sadly though, for the most part I don’t really feel like I belong anywhere. Maybe that’s why my thoughts are my best friends.

I hate how people socialize. I hate pretending to love something I care nothing for in my heart. I hate feeling the need to suppress my  feelings for the sake of saving face. I hate being forced to converse when I have absolutely nothing to say. I hate filling silence with awkward words just because we are taught that silence is too loud. And I suppose that is  why I am in love with Alone.

When I’m alone I feel free. I don’t have to speak or entertain. I am my own company and I am perfectly fine with that. My mind is constantly screaming with ideas and concepts without outside noises and judgments. I feel alive in the stillness of a quite space and a roaring mind.

So leave me be on this lonely road. I’ll hold my own hand if the journey gets too long.

Stay ever so amazing.

Loads of Love,