Of Mice and Mushrooms


Tonight is a lovely night to be alive. It seems that the world keeps spinning on despite all that goes on around us. Deep breathing, sketching and some jazz are essential elements for recovery. Sometimes I truly don’t understand the world. Not that the world isn’t a lovely place, but sometimes the things that go on in it frighten and upset me, but it’s good to have a tiny refuge for the mind to escape if only for a few precious minutes.

It just feels good to let all those jumbly feelings put with an old dark pencil while lounging in an old t-shirt. I have no one to impress but my little mouse friend and I don’t think he minds my current state at all.

Sometimes I wish the world was full of mice and mushrooms, but then I realize it is. I just have to take the time to look down and find them.

Have a lovely one wherever you are and stay equally as lovely!

Loads of Love,


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