“When the Frost is on the Pumpkin”


Well ladies and gents, fall is soon approaching and while I have enjoyed the beautiful days of summer, I am looking forward to the crisp waltz of autumn. Something about bonfires, pumpkin pie and golden veined leaves makes my heart skip a beat or two.

Today I went to my local produce store and purchased a few adorable little pumpkins just because they made me happy. I ended up giving them away as gifts because if they made me smile I figured they would do the same for someone else. When I was younger my Mom would buy both my sister and me a tiny pumpkin all for our own. Ever since then I can’t look at a pumpkin without smiling. I fully intend to pass that tradition down to my future children.


Another thing that makes me happy around autumn is the little pansies and violas that line the rows of nurseries.



Their sweet little faces give me the warm fuzzies. It is remarkable just how much detail goes in to each tiny petal of these flowers. How on earth can such a beautiful masterpiece exist without an ever so talented Artist? It would be a shame to let God’s handiwork be forgotten or downplayed.


Yet another striking piece of art is the sunset I witnessed this evening. Believe me when I say that my camera in no way could ever do it justice. The earth burned with the light of a sun that slowly stepped down from his high throne for a chance of rest for the night with a pale moon to take his place while he slumbers.

I am astounded at the beauty that can be found all around if you simply open your eyes and heart to it.

Have a beautiful one wherever you are.

Loads of Love,


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