The Beauty of Light


One of my favorite things to see is the sun rise over foggy mountains and climb the crystal like steps to his balcony in the sky. He is so regal and amazing, even though he is classified scientifically as a smaller sized star. The unique thing about the sun is that he drives out any form of darkness. Where the light of the sun shines no darkness can exist. The only hiding places for the dark to go is behind objects in direct light. Darkness quickly slinks to a far corner and shivers in contentment away from the heat and exposure.

I believe that’s why I love the sun so much. His honest light scares off any form of black obscurity and openly warms all who stand beneath him. He doesn’t dim or refuse to shine even on days that are filled with thick, dark clouds. He is a handsome constant that I admire greatly.

To me there has always been beauty in light.

Have a beautiful one wherever you are.

Loads of Love,


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