A Day at the Zoo

Recently I went to the zoo with my Mom and my sister and I had a lovely time. It had been years since I saw all the animals and needless to say, I felt five years old again. It was quite a feeling!


Elephants are easily one of my favorite animals because they are gentle giants. They meekly walk around and quietly observe the world around them. Their soulful eyes look so deep and wise.


This meerkat is simply not amused. I took close to fifteen pictures of this little guy only because he seemed so uninterested in everything around him. He was quite sassy if you ask me.


I also met the newest member of the zoo. It was beautiful how the mother gorilla gently held her baby. She would slowly touch around his eyes and along his face as he lay in her lap fast asleep. She didn’t take notice of the looming crowd watching her every move. Her eyes stayed on him and only him. I don’t see how people can say that animals can’t feel like people can. Not after what I saw that day. I wish that every child ever conceived could feel that love and be held in such a warm and tender way. Such an unconditional love is truly admirable and is undoubtedly what we are looking for in life.


And what is a zoo trip without a mischievous gibbon? Something about him makes me want to feed him a cookie and give him a big hug. He just looks so fuzzy and snuggly! Granted he would probably try to hurt me in some way if I were to ever approach him in any way. Yet another love spurned, I’m afraid. C’est la vie, I suppose.


I also met (who I am guessing is) Shere Khan. I don’t believe he was prepared for company. I have been informed by a close friend who happens to be in veterinarian school that the average house cat sleeps close to twenty hours a day. I would imagine an even larger cat would take even longer naps. Honestly, if I were to meet Mr. Khan in his native habitat I would hope he would be asleep, in a very deep sleep, as I slowly saunter away before passing out in fear.


I know baboons probably aren’t the most popular animals at the zoo, but something about this reflective soul caught my attention. He just looks like he would enjoy the deeper things in life. Perhaps an evening of poetry and classical music coupled with a long chat about the woes and victories of life. Or he just wants the hat that sat on the head of the woman standing next to me. He could have fooled me!


I don’t think chameleons like attention. If you think about it, they spend their whole lives trying to blend in with the background. So naturally being thrust out in view of small children and their flash-happy photo obsessed moms would make any level headed reptile cling in panic to a sturdy limb. Bless his tiny camouflaged heart.


Sassy, interactive animals always make me laugh. When I first spoke to this little turtle, she slowly craned her neck to see where that obnoxious sound was coming from. She then proceeded to take in as much of me as she could with a single, scowling red eye. I spoke with her for a few minutes before finally determining that I had indeed met the Regina George of turtles. She belittled me in every way and I enjoyed every second of it.

I hope you all have a fantastic one wherever you are. Stay amazing.

Loads of Love,




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