How Much You Give ‘Em


I picked up the book ‘A Light in the Attic’ by Shel Silverstein a few days ago when I went to the library and it truly is fantastic. The poem that spoke to me the most was the one entitled ‘How Many, How Much.’ To be so short it says so much. The last four lines especially made me think about my own life.

I’ve come to notice that days themselves aren’t good or bad. They are only spans of time with good or bad things in them. And sometimes even the bad can be seen as good if it’s viewed at the right angle. Sometimes bad things are lessons or catalysts to help us discover ourselves. And good things create memories and unbreakable bonds.

It’s all about what you do with those days.

Friendship is another area of life that makes living worth while. I truly believe that once you are friends with someone that love lasts for all eternity. Nothing could ever be said or done that could break that bond. Friendship is about sacrifice, not convenience. It’s about unconditional love, not personal gain. Sometimes it even means giving up things for the sake of someone else. That is true friendship.

And it depends on “how you love ’em.”

Loads of Love,


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