Under Your Nose


We’ve all heard the saying before. Something that should be obvious to us is “right under our nose” yet we painstakingly search for eons to find a complicated answer to a simple question.

I am one of those people.

I was in search of something that was there all along. And that is love.

I believe love is the greatest human endeavor. Each person wants to know they are unforgettable to someone on this massive sphere.

It seems we’ve confused love for a lightheaded feeling that causes a constant state of euphoria. That simply isn’t true.

Love is a constant. Not a fleeting emotion. It can be a noun, verb or adjective. It doesn’t take root in a person’s soul then decidedly flit away for lack of convenience.

Love is a decision. It’s a promise to be there no matter the feeling.

It doesn’t have to be romantic. The best forms of love come from unexpected and small places.

Love is empowering. It is a soft bed for a weary worried traveler. It catches tears and pieces hearts back together.

Love is sacrifice. It remains the same even when the apple of its eye walks away. It does not bark harsh words or scratch its way back to where it was. It wishes happiness for those close to it. Even if that means personal hurt.

Love is endless. It transcends all borders and restraints. It doesn’t stop at the grave. It lives on beyond time and space.

And I have it. I can give it.

So I will.

Stay ever so amazing.

Loads of Love,


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