The Spirit of Lady Grantham


There are days when I wake up that I feel like gracing everyone in my vicinity with an open and gracious smile coupled with a cheery greeting. The birds are chirping, the air is crisp and all is right in the world.

Then there are other days when my sassy inner Lady Grantham pops out of her shell to sprinkle sarcasm and snide comments wherever she goes.

Not saying that’s a bad thing, but sometimes my little Lady Grantham should bite her tongue and keep the comments to a minimum.

That’s the good thing about being an introvert. You are already so used to being more on the quiet side that you usually don’t comment unless it is necessary. And when it is a necessity to speak out it’s quite fun to watch people smile in amusement when you say something witty.

I believe Lady Grantham could be my spirit animal…

Have a lovely one and stay ever so amazing!

Loads of Love,


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