Teeny Pottage


A few days ago I went to Target in pursuit of a few little items. On my way in to the store I notice they had two tiny (and very adorable) clay pots for the grand total of one dollar. I figured I would get them for Kevin and Schulz ( two of my cacti) since they both still lived in the little plastic pots I brought them home in.

As I was driving home I thought that maybe I could paint the pots just to give them a little pizzazz. And that’s what I did.

With the help of my awesome sister, the two tiny pots soon became quirky little homes any cactus would be proud to live in.


Aren’t they sweet?


This is the cool Aztec inspired masterpiece that my sister painted.


Apparently I was in a triangular mood that day…


Kevin loves his new little house. I believe purple is his new favorite color.


And I haven’t heard a complaint from Schulz.

The only trick with these pots is that they do not have a hole in the bottom that allows excess water to drain put and then be reabsorbed as needed. I would suggest more regulated watering to ensure that your cactus stays happy and healthy.

Have a fantastic one wherever you are and stay ever so incredible!

Loads of Love,


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