Happy Little Things


Sometimes when I feel a little blue or overwhelmed I like to look at simple little things I’ve seen in the past year that make me happy. I figured I would share these with you lovely people just in case if you need some happy little things to cheer you up as well.

The first picture is a back road I traveled a few days ago. Something about the sun in the trees makes me feel at peace.


These are some flowers I met when I went to the store the other day. I have always thought that flowers have tiny little faces that smile all the time.


This is my new rug that I get to step on every morning. I call it my Rug of Many Colors because it makes me feel special. I love old rag rugs!


This is overlooking the river on a cool morning. There were also geese out on the water. They weren’t too happy to see me, but I was pretty thrilled to see them.

I hope you have special little sonwthings that make you all happy! Stay ever so amazing.

Loads of Love,


4 thoughts on “Happy Little Things

  1. Love these little creation. Truly admire them. Thank you for bringing them to us through pictures! By the way, I’m also an INFJ, living in Hong Kong 🙂

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