It’s both a scary and a comforting word.
I have felt it all my life and I am constantly surrounded by it. Even when I was little I preferred to stay in my own head and wander off to myself and touch all the flowers and trees that I could. I wanted to hear my free flowing thoughts dance along with the sounds of chirping birds and the rustling of grass.

Alone doesn’t have to be scary.

But in some ways I feel it is.

Even though I get to spend time with my thoughts I feel as of I miss out on human connection. Sure, some people can completely cut off the human race at the drop of a hat but for some reason I cannot.

Feeling wanted and enclosed in affection has always been alluring to me but feels so out of reach.

I know I am quiet and sit by myself. I know I don’t do the things my peers do. I know I like dated, nostalgic things and ideas that are simply too simple. I know my fairy tale mindset belongs with the old worn toys in my closet, packed away from light and growth. I know I am different.

But I still want that connection.

I just haven’t quite found it yet.

But I hope one day that I will.

Have a lovely one wherever you are and stay ever so amazing.

Loads of Love,


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