Burning Down the House


I saw this today on a social media sight and it made me laugh. I can relate to the arachnophobia and the overreacting. Then it caused my brain to think. Really, if you think about it, in many ways people tend to panic at the first sign of trouble (spiders) and metaphorically burn down their houses. I know that I can sometimes let the littlest things and let them rule my thoughts and make me freak out over nothing.

It’s so easy to do! But if you truly rationally break down what is going on it is as if you are literally burning down your house because of one insignificant spider.

So instead of reaching for the matches I am going to try to grab the fly swat and take care of my problems. After all, I do love my house.

Have a beautiful one wherever you are and stay fantastic.

Loads of Love,


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