A Cinderella State of Mind


I’m sure most everyone has heard of the newest version of Cinderella that has come out in theaters recently. (I must say that I really enjoyed it!) I went with a small group of family to see it this weekend and the show sold out within minutes. As we stood in line with popcorn in hand I noticed all the tiny little girls waiting excitedly in the lobby. They all were in princessy colors mixed with glittery headbands and light pink lip gloss. I began to think as the line started to move if those little girls would hold on to the story they were about to be told.

You see, a Cinderella mind set doesn’t just fall out of the sky and in to the laps of unsuspecting little girls. It’s a determination of sorts within the heart and mind. Life throws things at people and it can make them bitter. Loss of family, cruelty from peers and terrible circumstances often crush their victims rather than build them up.

Will those little girls remember to be kind even to others even though the popular thing is to make fun? Will they remember that life is a fragile, beautiful gift that no one can guarantee? Will they remember that beauty comes from the inside?

The world is a cruel place that wants to crush beautiful little Cinderellas. They will be told that makeup is what counts and that the only way to get ahead in life is to watch out for number one and to tear others down in pettiness and jealousy. They will be told that true feminine attributes, such as compassion and love are dated, silly and only for the weak minded.

I hope that those little girls prove those voices wrong! I want to see them grow up to be kindhearted and tender to the people around them. I want them to feel beautiful with or without cosmetics. I want them to live their dreams.

A Cinderella mindset takes more guts than the ever popular shallow mindset of today. As The Smiths said, “It takes guys to be gentle and kind.” Why is that? Because in order to be kind you make yourself vulnerable. You open yourself up to be hurt for the benefit of someone else. That is the mindset of Cinderella. And we need more true princesses in the world!

I hope you all have a lovely day and stay ever so amazing!

Loads of Love,


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