Snow Day


Good morning ladies and gentlemen. I hope you all slept well. I have to admit I enjoyed my rest more than I usually do. This morning I had the privilege to behold this lovely view while I ate breakfast. The mountains are incredibly beautiful today. It’s always nice to have something amazing to look at while devouring some biscuits and jelly.


I have been reading a bit as well. I went to Books a Million a few days ago and I happened to see this biography in passing. I’m surprised I even saw it! It was tucked in with psychology books and self-help manuals. Go figure. Of course I immediately picked it up and cradled it in my arms as if it were a sign from above that I had been seeking for for years.

I know I’ve said it before, but I will say it again. I adore Books a Million.


Oh yes! And this is my happy little chair that now sits at my desk! I love that it is made of mix matched fabric and has an antique form. It’s also perfect for sitting and painting. Or filling out your income taxes. Preferably for painting though.


And today I was feeling rather polka-dotty. I don’t really know why. Maybe they make me happy. Or maybe it’s because they are just so tiny and cute. I believe it’s a mix of both.

I hope you all have a fantasticly amazing day. Stay ever so amazing!

Loads of Love,


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