Rain is probably one of the most beautiful substances on earth. It replenishes the ground with moisture, cools the temperature and clenses the air with a light and pure scent. Every tiny drop of clear liquid helps contribute to the task at hand. They all fall in an unquestioned way down to the awaiting grass.

Sadly, rain is also one of the most despised of things. It ruins plans, causes accidents, makes a mess and leaves everyone in a gloomy mood.

How could something so amazing cause such a fuss?

What if there was no rain?

What if we couldn’t feel the tiny drops kiss our faces or hear the gentle lullaby of its descent?

What if the earth no longer felt its soft embrace or soaked in its life giving power?

To me, rain is beautiful. It falls on my skin and seeps in to my soul. Rain will forever be my friend.

Loads of Love,


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