Pure Heart


Recently my little friend has been feeling poorly. He began losing weight rapidly and had no energy for hugs and kisses. Bandit was usually so eager to see me and used to jump up and down when he saw me. Then suddenly he stopped.

He was weak. He didn’t want to move. He would lay on my chest and plop his little head on my shoulder and breathe quietly.

I was afraid I had lost him. Suddenly the things in life that came before him didn’t matter. All I saw was my best friend in pain. I can honestly say that Bandit is the only friend I’ve ever had that would lay his life down for me. It’s amazing that an animal can give something it may not fully understand. And that is unconditional love. Bandit has such a pure heart. He may not understand everything I say but that doesn’t make him stupid. If anything he is wise. Bandit knows what is important in life. He understands that loving someone means giving your all or it’s not worth doing. He knows that simple things make life worth living. He is honest and brave. He doesn’t care what others think about him. He is free.

Thankfully my friend is doing better. After an enjoyable car ride and a visit to the vet we found out that diabetes was the cause of all the grogginess. With a little help from science and extra hugs he is feeling like his old self. He’s back to snuggling and kissing everyone within a five foot radius and we all couldn’t be happier.

But what can I say, you can’t keep a good dog down.

Have a fantastic one and stay equally as fantastic!

Loads of Love,


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