That I Am


Here recently I have been doing some extensive studying about my MBTI type and a few days ago I actually retook the test.

Surprisingly my results were not what I expected.

It said I was an INFP.

When I saw it I was a little upset. Not because INFP was a bad result but that I felt that I had lied about who I was.

I have written several posts about being an INFJ and I felt as if I was trying to be who I wasn’t.

After some serious consideration I figure I would do more research. I took two more tests that went beyond the stereotypical four letter results and looked at the functions of the stack.

Both of these tests came back the same.

I am indeed an INFJ.

I was surprised mostly because my result had been so sure for INFP but according to the extensive tests I am not.

Going beyond the subject at hand I learned a lesson. I am not just an INFJ. I am not just a blogger. I am not just a girl. I am not just a person.

I am what I am. And that is Kate.

Regardless of any test, label, entity or idea I am me.

And nothing can erase that.

Have a fantastic one wherever you are!

Loads of Love,


5 thoughts on “That I Am

  1. I have occasionally tested as an INFP. The two types must be so similar that it occasionally happens. When it came down to it I knew I was an INFJ. Learning those four letters made my entire life have new meaning and a different perspective. Take care ❤

  2. The MBTI thing influences us so much, I do sometimes think what if I’m wrong about what I think I am? The two more tests that you took, were they online? If so, could you please give me the links? Much appreciated! 😀

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