An Introvert at Work


These are my top five thoughts that go through my mind when I’m at work.

1. By “we’re having a board meeting” you are really saying that all of the extroverts will decide what we’re going to do while the introverts stare at the clock or at the birds nest outside the window and plead  with time to hurry up for once.

2. Good it’s lunch time. Books and peace and quiet here I come!

3. Yes, sir or madam, I can actually talk. I just prefer to use that talent when I’m with someone who will actually listen.

4. Crap. I have to answer that phone again. What is it I say again?

Oh yeah. Hello.

5. They just asked me how I was doing. I answered and they still expect me to ramble on…

What to say, what to say.

Oh! Talk about your cacti!

They just left. Shew. That was a close one.

I hope you all are having a wonderful day! Stay ever so amazing!

Loads of Love,


4 thoughts on “An Introvert at Work

  1. He he he this made me giggle! One for me would be: sitting at the employee awards ceremony where the Managers only thank you once a year and the only time they make eye contact with you-INFJ smells a fake egg.

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