Where Is Love?


What happened to it? Where has it gone?

Supposedly it is hidden in ever changing encryptions in the minds of tormentors. They make the flamboyant rules as they go without a thought of repercussions.

Why must I belittle myself to be “loved”? Why must I change who I am and how I feel to receive affection? Why must I take off my clothes to remain in the place I desire to be? Why must I give up my heart only to feel the same loneliness that haunted me before?

What happened to it? To love?

We sing its praises yet can never attain it. We’ve honestly never truly seen it.

It doesn’t come in a half naked body. It doesn’t show itself in clubs. It doesn’t require beauty.

No. When we love something, regardless of its physical appearance, it becomes beautiful to us.

Love is coming home to warmth and light. It’s having a conversation with someone that makes your eyes light up. It’s feeling “enough” and “worthy.”

Love doesn’t dangle impossible standards. It doesn’t make you hate your reflection. It doesn’t make you fear for your “position.”

It makes you whole. It makes you smile for no reason. It sets you free!

Stay ever so lovely.

Loads of Love,


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