A Very Happy Camper


Well ladies and gents, today is Friday so I decided to paint something that reflected my happiness.

You could say I’m a very Happy Camper!

Have a fantastic day and stay ever so amazing!

Loads of Love,


The Chase

You want her
but I want you
it’s true
what they say
what you want
but not your need
follow anyway

She wants him
break your heart
torn apart
by emotion
but I wait
in silence
in case you
get a notion

He hurt her
now she cries
no surprise
you defend
her cold face
hold her hand
wipe her tears
be her friend

So I give up
then you see
a different me
now you chase
me to find
I am gone
and I left
my emotion
all behind

Fools in love
none can tell
the force of blindness
casts its spell
on yet another unfortunate soul.

Pure Heart


Recently my little friend has been feeling poorly. He began losing weight rapidly and had no energy for hugs and kisses. Bandit was usually so eager to see me and used to jump up and down when he saw me. Then suddenly he stopped.

He was weak. He didn’t want to move. He would lay on my chest and plop his little head on my shoulder and breathe quietly.

I was afraid I had lost him. Suddenly the things in life that came before him didn’t matter. All I saw was my best friend in pain. I can honestly say that Bandit is the only friend I’ve ever had that would lay his life down for me. It’s amazing that an animal can give something it may not fully understand. And that is unconditional love. Bandit has such a pure heart. He may not understand everything I say but that doesn’t make him stupid. If anything he is wise. Bandit knows what is important in life. He understands that loving someone means giving your all or it’s not worth doing. He knows that simple things make life worth living. He is honest and brave. He doesn’t care what others think about him. He is free.

Thankfully my friend is doing better. After an enjoyable car ride and a visit to the vet we found out that diabetes was the cause of all the grogginess. With a little help from science and extra hugs he is feeling like his old self. He’s back to snuggling and kissing everyone within a five foot radius and we all couldn’t be happier.

But what can I say, you can’t keep a good dog down.

Have a fantastic one and stay equally as fantastic!

Loads of Love,

The Road Not Taken


Today wasn’t the best of days. The best part of it all was that I am alive. To pass some time I went to the library on my lunch break and I found this old book. I picked it up and noticed it was the poetry of Robert Frost. I fumbled through the pages and I found this poem.

I hadn’t read it in years. The words spoke to me. Today I had the choice to take the path less traveled by. Life is more than good days and bad days.

Life is a choice.

You can choose to go with the crowd and accept defeat or take the road no one walks and be thankful for what you have.

Today I chose the path less traveled.

“And that has made all the difference.”

Have a good one and stay ever so amazing.

Loads of Love,

My Own Little Space


Granted, my desk may be on the small side but I am simply in love with it. It is probably my favorite part of my room.

I love how the natural light pours through the windows and on to paper. It’s just so bright and cozy.

Today I decided I would make use of my favorite spot and create something.

And then came Boba.


I was in the process of rewatching Episode II when Boba was young and the idea hit me like a Norfolk-Southern. I have to say that Mr. Fett is one of my favorite favorite characters. Even though he’s a little on the dark side.

I hope you all have a favorite place to call your own as well. Have a fabulous one and as always, stay ever so fantastic!

Loads of Love,



I suppose the thing that holds me back the most in life is the fear of failure. It’s easy to look at a situation and just throw up the white flag and walk away. But I’m tired of living that way.

I’m tired of standing at the side just letting everything pass me by.

I’m tired of feeling like I’m less of a person because I make mistakes.

I’m tired of letting this thing beat me down.

I’m tired of caring about people and things that don’t care about me.

I’m tired. And I give up.

I give up feeling down about myself.

I give up the lame, stupid excuses that hold me back.

I give up settling for a convenient option.

Failure may still haunt me, but he won’t keep me down.

I refuse to stop fighting. Fear is no longer my captor. I have set myself free.

Stay ever so amazing and free!

Loads of Love,



I build a wall
standing tall
and no one
gets around it
touching skies
breaking spirit

You walk through
and then do
what you wish
before you leave
your kind words
my heart deceive

I hurt you
I know it’s true
but you have
wounded me
through scars and
blood we see

A tattered mess
nothing less
than beautiful agony
never ends
when enemies
are friends

How to close
the cold repose
of jealous thoughts
a bitter heart
how can the
mind restart

When I met you
and all we do
is smile inside
our warming walls
right before the
blade falls

On our lovesick blind condition

That I Am


Here recently I have been doing some extensive studying about my MBTI type and a few days ago I actually retook the test.

Surprisingly my results were not what I expected.

It said I was an INFP.

When I saw it I was a little upset. Not because INFP was a bad result but that I felt that I had lied about who I was.

I have written several posts about being an INFJ and I felt as if I was trying to be who I wasn’t.

After some serious consideration I figure I would do more research. I took two more tests that went beyond the stereotypical four letter results and looked at the functions of the stack.

Both of these tests came back the same.

I am indeed an INFJ.

I was surprised mostly because my result had been so sure for INFP but according to the extensive tests I am not.

Going beyond the subject at hand I learned a lesson. I am not just an INFJ. I am not just a blogger. I am not just a girl. I am not just a person.

I am what I am. And that is Kate.

Regardless of any test, label, entity or idea I am me.

And nothing can erase that.

Have a fantastic one wherever you are!

Loads of Love,

An Introvert at Work


These are my top five thoughts that go through my mind when I’m at work.

1. By “we’re having a board meeting” you are really saying that all of the extroverts will decide what we’re going to do while the introverts stare at the clock or at the birds nest outside the window and plead  with time to hurry up for once.

2. Good it’s lunch time. Books and peace and quiet here I come!

3. Yes, sir or madam, I can actually talk. I just prefer to use that talent when I’m with someone who will actually listen.

4. Crap. I have to answer that phone again. What is it I say again?

Oh yeah. Hello.

5. They just asked me how I was doing. I answered and they still expect me to ramble on…

What to say, what to say.

Oh! Talk about your cacti!

They just left. Shew. That was a close one.

I hope you all are having a wonderful day! Stay ever so amazing!

Loads of Love,

Where Is Love?


What happened to it? Where has it gone?

Supposedly it is hidden in ever changing encryptions in the minds of tormentors. They make the flamboyant rules as they go without a thought of repercussions.

Why must I belittle myself to be “loved”? Why must I change who I am and how I feel to receive affection? Why must I take off my clothes to remain in the place I desire to be? Why must I give up my heart only to feel the same loneliness that haunted me before?

What happened to it? To love?

We sing its praises yet can never attain it. We’ve honestly never truly seen it.

It doesn’t come in a half naked body. It doesn’t show itself in clubs. It doesn’t require beauty.

No. When we love something, regardless of its physical appearance, it becomes beautiful to us.

Love is coming home to warmth and light. It’s having a conversation with someone that makes your eyes light up. It’s feeling “enough” and “worthy.”

Love doesn’t dangle impossible standards. It doesn’t make you hate your reflection. It doesn’t make you fear for your “position.”

It makes you whole. It makes you smile for no reason. It sets you free!

Stay ever so lovely.

Loads of Love,