A Beautiful Soul


The world has high standards when it comes to beauty. A dab of this, a speck of that, gloss it up and you’re pretty as a picture. Often times I find myself feeling inferior to the women I see in magazines and on television.

And then I met someone.

I encountered this lady one random day and I don’t think I’ll ever forget her. She wasn’t a model. She didn’t have a perfect body. She didn’t even have long flowing hair. On the contrary, it was buzzed off.

Someone asked her when she had it cut and what was her motive.

She explained that her best friend was going through chemo treatments for breast cancer. Her friend had lost her hair and was feeling self conscious, so she cut her hair as a pledge to comfort her friend.

I couldn’t believe what I had heard. All this time I had been told that under no circumstances was short hair ever attractive or socially acceptable. Yet this woman was the most radiant person I had ever had the pleasure of meeting.

Then I realized why this was. She had a beautiful soul. She didn’t make me feel obscure, she strengthened me and made me think about the world around me.

I believe that true beauty does not destroy or demean. It encourages and accepts.

I truly will never forget that woman. When she left of course people whispered and gasped but I couldn’t help but commend her. Her kindness and bravery touched my heart.

That’s more than any fashion spread in any magazine will do.

Have a fantastic one wherever you are and stay equally as fantastic!

Loads of Love,


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