Know Thyself: An INFJ Tale


I’m sure most everyone has seen “The Wizard of Oz.” Dorothy, the Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion and the Scarecrow make their way through a mystical world to find the Great and Powerful Oz so he can give them what they need. It’s kind of a funny story because all of the characters have exactly what they want but none of them realize it.

In many ways an INFJ is looking for Oz when all he has to do is look deep inside (and use his Fi) and find what he is looking for. If I had to guess, the primary thing INFJs want is to know exactly who they are.

It’s frustrating for an INFJ to be told “Know thyself” when that is exactly what she has been trying to do her whole life. INFJs have what is called extraverted feeling (Fe) as their auxiliary function. If you couple this with a dominant introverted intuition (Ni) function, you get an INFJ with a wonderful sense of knowing everyone they come in to contact with. (And no, we don’t have super powers, but we are pretty incredible.)

Basically the Ni-Fe combo allows the INFJ to create and express judgments as well as easily read the people around them. The INFJ constantly takes in the feelings and vibes of others around them and intuitively acts upon them.

This is why INFJs are so easily affected by emotions. This pair also causes people to think that the INFJ is an extrovert due to their friendliness and interest in people. It comes as quite a shock when the INFJ suddenly has to be alone to recharge leaving their new friends wondering what went wrong.

The blessing of this stack is the chance to become close with other people. I can feel what they are feeling. I know what they are thinking. I can easily reach out to them and help them understand themselves.

The curse of this stack is not being able to do the same for myself. I don’t really see myself through clear eyes. It’s all smoke and mirrors. For example, if you were to ask me what I am good at I would honestly have to sit for a few minutes and genuinely think about it.

“How are you today?”

Um. Can I get back to you on that? Is swirls and appropriate answer?

I have had someone ask me that before and for some reason I forgot to give the “Just fine, how are you?” mantra. I looked up from my work and gazed out in the sky. I honestly believe that freaked out the inquirer.

In that moment we both knew that I had no idea. For some reason I can’t label myself or my feelings. I change from day to day. I am an emotional nomad; I never stay in one state of mind for long.

I believe this has to do with the Fi function. Rather the lack thereof. From what I understand the Fi function allows a person to focus on their internal feelings, rather than soak in the feelings of others.

It’s not that INFJs don’t have Fi. It’s just not the dominant force in their personality. I know that when I take time to be alone and just think about how I feel and why I am feeling it I can better function as an individual.

When I don’t try to get to know myself I get extreme feelings of anxiety and a dark overcast vibe.

So, in conclusion, an INFJ must stop in life and get to know themselves before they can help others.

Search your feelings, INFJ.

Sorry. Had to be done.

Have a fantastic one and stay ever so awesome.

Loads of Love,


4 thoughts on “Know Thyself: An INFJ Tale

  1. Think this is true; you’ve summed it up well(: pretty much what I think and feel sometimes. Am glad to be hearing this from someone else!

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