Introvert Sees World


Well, part of it. Today I had a day off so I decided to go shopping. Oh, and I also drove on the interstate today! No one was killed or injured! Yay!

I would have to say that my favorite item is the watercolor set. I’ve been wanting one for a while and I found this one at Barns and Noble for around twenty dollars.

I adore Barns and Noble! I haven’t been there in so long. It’s heavenly to be surrounded by so many books. That and the wonderful smell of coffee. I hate the taste of coffee but the smell is intoxicating.

I hope you all have had an amazing day and you all stay equally as amazing!

Loads of Love,


8 thoughts on “Introvert Sees World

  1. Ah I’ve always wondered what a Barnes and noble is! There might be some here, but I’ve never seen any. Sorry, but’s a bookshop yes?

  2. I love Barnes & Noble! I actually went there last weekend to browse around. I used to hate coffee and love the smell of it, but lately I’ve been growing fond of coffee (the ones that have flavoring and such, anyways).
    Also, that watercolor set looks awesome!

  3. I miss Barnes and Noble 😦
    Love your watercolour set. I did the same thing a couple of weeks ago, bought some lovely watercolours with the exciting idea to create some art, but I haven’t opened them yet. Next time I’m inspired to paint, I’ll be ready.

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