To Live


Someone posted this just yesterday on social media and it really made me think. I’m so ashamed to say that I tend to push time along to things that I believe that I want and need. And in the process I forget to live.

What a shame!

I have been given such a beautiful gift and I am pushing it to the side in pursuit of temporary satisfaction.

Patience is a virtue that I desperately lack. From now on I want to enjoy and be thankful for every moment I have. Because there are many people who are leaving this world that would give up all those meaningless objects to be where I am.

I refuse to forget to live.

Have a beautiful day wherever you are and stay ever so amazing.

Loads of Love,


2 thoughts on “To Live

  1. Thank you for sharing this. I struggle so much with patience as well. I’m always pushing things forward, neglecting the present moment. I needed this reminder. Good luck as you pursue the ability to live! 🙂

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