I Just Don’t Know


I am asked all the time what my plans for the future are. Will I get married? Will I have children? Will I work here? Will I do this/that/the other?

To be quite frank I have no clue. I have absolutely no idea what tomorrow holds for me. I wake up every morning to a new world just brimming with open doors.

And I love it.

As of now I have absolutely nothing or no one holding me down. No person dictates where I go or what I do.

Many girls my age are dying to be in relationships or have children. But as of now I would rather roam wide open fields of freedom than to be confined in a constricting fence.

Don’t get me wrong though. Relationships and children are wonderful things. I’m just not looking for either at the moment.

So I suppose that is my answer to that difficult question.

I just don’t know.

Personal enough for ya?

Loads of Love,


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