Dresses and Memories


Fabric. Stitches meshed together to form something worth while. My Mom bought me this dress. It’s covered in white dots. The bottom has a lacy design outlined in white.

I feel beautiful in this dress.

I guess to anyone else it’s just a dress. Nothing really special. But to me it’s my Coat of Many Colors. It is a representation of love.

It also reminds me of my childhood. I flash back to days when I would run in shadows in hand-me-down floral dresses past large shady trees. I felt pretty and free. My curly hair was unkempt and wild. My dresses had holes and were covered dirt smudges but I never had felt so beautiful.

Maybe it was because I felt free. I was happy and care free. I let my bare feet take me wherever the wind blew.

It was paradise.

And now I can relive that euphoria.

May your days be bare footed, care free and unkempt.

Loads of Love


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