Searching for light
in shadows
Groping for walls
and a purpose
through crowded halls

Taking happiness
as a hostage
A show of force
The mind and heart
now divorce

Not connected to reality
all logic and compassion, gone
in hearts they did thrive
We all face the same fate
We’re all dying to feel alive.


2 thoughts on “Alive

  1. Love it! The details in the feathers are really neat! I’ve just taken up sketching/doodling and I really enjoy it. It’s a nice escape from my own mind. My only problem with it is that I can’t stop until the sketch is completely finished. I end up staying up way too late! The idea of leaving something unfinished drives me bonkers. Is that an INFJ thing?

    • Thank you! And it depends on the project for me. Sometimes I need a break and I won’t touch a piece until the next day. Other times I’m ready to finish it all. But NY project is always in my mind somehow. It burns a hole in my mind until I finish it.

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