The Mind of a Child


We live in a very grown up world. It’s a world full of cynical people who are too afraid to show who they are and how they feel because of possible repercussion. Apparently openly caring for someone other than yourself is childish. So is being purely honest even if it causes you to be at a disadvantage. Even smiling when your day is hard is silliness because there are other issues that need to be dealt with.

There are wars, disease, pain, death and so on.

I am not denying their existence. I just refuse to let them rule my mind.

I prefer birthdays, anniversaries, cakes, laughter, births and love.

To be honest, if being myself makes me childish, then I will openly be childish. To me being honest and kind isn’t a fantasy that died along with imagination. I love being who I am. And I love feeling free to feel how I want to feel.

To care when no one else does. To laugh even though nothing is particularly funny. To free fall without care of how I land.

To have the mind of a child.

That is highest compliment I’ve ever been given.

Stay amazing and imaginative.

Loads of Love,


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