“Sailors, Take Warning”


Red skies in morning,
Sailors, take warning.
Red skies at night,
Sailors, delight.”

The sky this morning looked absolutely breathtaking. But this swirl of colors doesn’t last long. I was taught that poem when I was younger. You know, before the time of weather apps.


Before I saw the red sky, however I got to see the most beautiful full moon. It’s strangely beautiful to see both the sun and the moon at the same time. I believe the mind does flip flops because it is not used to seeing both in the same sky.


And here is the rest if the poem. The proof is most definitely in this dark, swirling pudding. I embrace storms for the most part. That is until those clouds start to magically spin around in a rapid fury. Then I’m not such a big fan.


As you can see, the sky seems particularly angry at this point. (Excuse the power lines.)

Even though it has been a stormy evening, it has been a lovely day overall.

I hope your day has been lovely as well!
Loads of Love,


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