Behold, The Creature of Habit


Same park. Same bench. Same book. Different day. That counts right? (Even though the changing of days is inevitable.)


My clothes are different too! That counts.


And I ate a delicious chess bar before diving in to my book. Chess bars are one of my many weaknesses. I lose my connection with reality when I take the first bite. It’s heavenly!


And this is me noticing that I had attracted the undivided attention of an elderly woman. Apparently taking pictures and smiling at chess bars is not exactly normal behavior…


So instead of sitting in the same old spot I decided to go venture out a bit and found this giant tree. Soon enough his green leaves will turn orange and yellow and softly dance to the cold ground.


And this little fellow decided to land on my book while I was reading. Silly little thing.


These two rock things hold special memories. I met one of my best friends on them. We were playing on them and decided to call them both Excalibur in tribute to King Arthur. We decided right then and there that our weirdness was definitely compatible and became the best of friends. (She introduced me to Dr. Who. I know. She’s awesome.)


And to top it all off, this little guy decided to jump off his tree and into my moving car. The way I figured was that if he had made such an effort to get in I may as well give him a ride. After all, he is pretty cute.

I hope you all have a fantastic one! Stay incredible!

Loads of Love,


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