Being a Wallflower


If you’re anything like me you’ve been labeled a wallflower for most of your life. While most people mixed and mingled I preferred to stay on the sidelines and get some thinking in. I’ve been told that I should change who I am because it is simply not sociably acceptable. Being a wallflower has been frowned upon since the beginning, but really it’s not as bad as most people let on. So if you’re feeling blue about being square, fret no longer! For I have several reasons why being a wallflower is really the bee’s knees.

Ready? Let’s go!

1. You don’t have to talk if you don’t want to- What so alluring about this? Well, since everyone has noticed that you prefer to stare at a book or sit quietly alone, no one expects you to make awkward, irritating conversations with them. Have you ever met someone you simply cannot look at for more than five seconds because they are so repugnant? No worries! All you have to do is simply acknowledge their existence and walk on. A social butterfly on the other hand has to talk to that person about the weather, their outfit and so on to be seen as friendly and obliging. If they refused to talk the other person would know something was up. Thanks to your introversion, you have just avoided having to fight the urge to roll your eyes and hit someone as they rattle on about their new promotion or their perfect life. Looks like yet another social butterfly has been snapped up by a chatty crow. What a shame.

2. When you do speak, people listen- This is mostly true, as long as there aren’t any overwhelmingly loud attention consuming people around. It never ceases to amaze me how people lean in to hear what I have to say when I am working in a group. I usually hang back and construct solutions in my head as the two or three extroverts butt heads trying to decide who the undisputed “leader” of the project is. After their folly has finally settled, they realize they have wasted precious time that could have been used to find a solution to the task at hand. That’s usually when the “leader” begins to ask around the group to see if anyone was actually thinking instead of watching the circus they all of a suddenly decided to pack up.

I always manage to slowly raise my hand and give my two cents. Whether by default or by unanimous vote, for the most part my ideas are used as the solution. Apparently it also fascinates other people that you indeed have an audible voice. With thoughts and ideas too! Who knew?

3. You get to wholly experience the world around you- Stopping and smelling the roses is a hard thing to do if you’re constantly jabbering on about trivial things. For the most part introverts tend to be more reflective of the world around them. There’s nothing I love more than sitting alone on a park bench just smelling the fresh air and hearing the birds. It would seem that not too many people like to do that anymore. The things you can see if you just simply look up…

It’s such a big beautiful world we live in! And we get to be a part of it! What more could you ask for?

In short, being a wallflower isn’t so bad after all. Bloom where you’re planted, right? Sure, being a butterfly looks nice and all, but something about being surrounded by warm dirt and showered with sunshine just sounds delightful to me.

Stay ever so amazing, whether you are a floating butterfly or a blooming flower.

Loads of Love,


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