The Language of Music


I truly don’t know what’s going on in my mind now. In the past two days I have been writing intensively. And it wasn’t for Kattie Kate. I have written two songs. All by myself.

It’s strange how it happened. I gravitated to the piano and I just began to play. I liked what I heard to I wrote it down and added as I went.

I haven’t written a song in over a year now. And the only reason I did that was to get some pent up feelings out. A year ago I experienced some very troubling anxiety. It made me feel as if I couldn’t breathe or move. I was in a very crippled state of mind at the time. So I sat down and let it out on the piano.

To be honest I have never told anyone that until now. I’ve never let anyone hear the song. No one knows it exists. (Well, except for you lovely folks, of course.)

I usually write music when I feel something significant. Something that makes me feel deeply than my subconscious can form in to words. Lately I have been finding inner happiness. The older I get the more I accept myself. And I think that’s what my mind is trying to tell me.

I am loved because I love myself.

The first song is entitled “On My Own.” I don’t know I’d it will ever see the light of day or be heard by the ears of an active audience, but nevertheless it has helped me cope.

Music is such an amazing language. It breaks down so many barriers and opens so many hearts.

Stay ever so amazing!

Loads of Love,


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