Being Introverted


Sometimes it’s hard being introverted. A world full of loud sociable people tends to forget about the introspective thinker who spends most of her time in her busy mind. It’s sad because I feel as though some people won’t even try to get to know me because of my quietness. I know. Why should I care, right? I need to pull myself up and be independent.

Well the strange thing about INFJs is that even though we need our space, we still need interaction. INFJs have a heart for people and love helping out in any way they can. I know that when I am alone for too long I become unhappy and unsatisfied. I have to feel like I’m contribution something to this big crazy world to feel at ease with myself.

I love telling my ideas and dreams but more often than not I just keep them to myself because most people just don’t understand or even care to understand. They have to continue doing whatever it is that preoccupies them so.

More often than not I feel so alone. I feel like a freak who doesn’t really fit in anywhere. It’s scary at times. It’s like I am speaking another language that no one but me understands.

I have always been self conscious. I suppose it stems from the fact that I feel different and I haven’t quite figured out who I am yet. (Whether I actually solve that puzzle is questionable.) I don’t really understand my peers’ mentality and they don’t understand mine. I feel as though I am constantly running from who I don’t want to be. And who I am afraid to see.

Being alone feels cold and liberating at the same time. It’s a wild abondon that fills every part of me and  it forever will be my constant. Maybe I’m not really alone. I have my thoughts and they are my friends. They always have been.

But then again maybe someone else feels the same way I do. And if that’s the case, don’t be afraid. We can be alone together.

Stay amazing.

Loads of Love,


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