…And Now I Feel Guilty


I’m having one of those guilty feelings that usually is a result of eating all the Oreos in one sitting. (I’m ashamed but in an enjoyable sort of way.) Not too long ago I vowed to the blogging community that I would not let scissors touch my hair.

Well…they did.

I didn’t mean to go back on my word. Honest. But I really wanted to do something different that would benefit both me and my hair. So…I cut it.

I know. I am a despicable human being. But it is done.

And here it is.


I’m terribly, awfully, deeply sorry…but I love it! 🙂 I haven’t been this happy with my hair in a long time. And again, please forgive me. I would bake a cake for you all but chances are I would eat it before it got to you anyway. Let’s make it a metaphorical cake.


A metaphor…

Have a fantastic one wherever you are and stay incredible!

Loads of Love,


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