My Sister Knows

This is what sisters are for ❤

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My Baby Sister Knows That I Have Cerebral Palsy

My sister is pretty smart. She’s one now.
She knows I am a bit different to other kids.

Sometimes, she stops eating the tv remote and watches me.
I can imagine her wondering what it is that makes me different.

She is sitting and standing now. She’s taken a few steps and she’s so chatty. 

She climbs over everything and she always turns off the television when I’m listening to it. She’s feeding herself and playing with toys.

She watches me and she wonders why I don’t do those things.
My Sister Knows by Carol from the 'Love Dexter Blog'
She knows I am different to her.
One day, Mum and Dad will tell her the words she will need to know…

But for now, she just knows…

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