A Peek in the Past


Today I was rummaging through the items that have been collecting dust bunnies under my bed. As I pulled out a tub I noticed this notebook. I flipped through the pages and realized this was where I kept the stories that I wrote when I was younger.

You see, I’ve always wanted to be a writer. I remember at a young age wanting so badly to be able to read and write so that one day maybe I could have a book of my own. I loved Beatrix Potter and her beautiful illustrations. I think on some subconscious level I imitated her work. Most of my little stories are about animals who talk and learn lessons about life. The one in the picture above is called “My Golden Horse.” I wrote it when I was in the third grade.

Of course I never did show anyone my work because it’s not exactly normal third grade girl behavior to write short stories. I believe lip gloss and Barbie dolls are more acceptable…but then again how would I know?


And of course I had to have illustrations. To me, no good story was complete without a picture or two.

To be honest I haven’t written short stories in several years. It’s sad to think that the younger me would probably be disappointed in this. Who knows. Maybe I might start back up again…

Have a fantastic one and stay amazing!

Loads of Love,


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