Wanted: ENTP


So…I’ve been researching more lately. You know me, always looking for breaking news and other insights from the Myers-Briggs community. I woke up this morning with the sole intention of writing something in the INFJ line of thought, but I didn’t know exactly what to do. So, instead of sitting up in bed and thinking intently until I developed a major headache and a bleak outlook on life, I decided to grab breakfast and head to the living room. (Food helps with my thought process…don’t question it.)

As I chomped on my grape Pop Tarts I began to consider my options. INFJ…does what…reads minds…tends to be misunderstood…can fly…nope. Nothing was coming. So I did what I usually do when I can’t think of what to write.


I got on the my laptop and starting looking up INFJ things. Then I saw it. A type I never really thought about before…




I began to search both INFJs and ENTPs. I realized they are the sarcastic, wise cracking duo the world never saw coming. And I have to say, as I was reading I was getting goose bumps. Such a coupling would be a beautiful thing to behold… I need a moment…

I noticed that as I began researching ENTPs even more that this type of person is who I would want to be friends with and dare I say…date… I know. *Collective gasp.* This is saying a lot because I prefer guys who enjoy learning and love to think about complex concepts and theories. Why? It makes for good conversation. There’s never a dull moment when you are with someone whose mind is constantly processing the world around them.

So, the ENTP is the Tony Stark of personalities. (I got this reference from this awesome blog called “What’s My Type?”. Here is the link to the ENTP article. This blog is full of great insights and cool posts! I would recommend it to anyone! 🙂 ) They are ruled by analytical thoughts and tend to be very witty and love to argue for the sake of arguing. If I understand correctly, ENTPs are light hearted, stress avoiding, smart people who have ingenious, original ideas that would rock the world as they know it…if only they didn’t procrastinate… Apparently they are also a rare personality type, making up only 3% of the population. (Of course these statistics vary from site to site. The point is that ENTPs are the wisecracking unicorn of types.)

You might be thinking, “Kate, wait a second. INFJs are sensitive, hate conflict and tend to keep their opinions to themselves.” You are correct, but the similarities of both types can create a lighthearted, intellectual relationship filled with sarcasm and dark humor.


The INFJ is to the ENTP as Pepper Potts is to Tony Stark. When Tony goes off being an egotistical genius Pepper is there to add a humanitarian, feeling side that Tony would have never achieved on his own. He likes Pepper because she can keep up with his latest ideas and can match his sarcastic wit.

Some things that these two types have in common are:

• Procrastination
• Wit/Sarcasm
• Ability to automatically understand people/situations
• Love intellectual, stimulating conversations
• Love to learn about the world round them

I have also read that the ENTP is one of the natural matches for the INFJ. I can definitely see why now. Even though INFJs have an extreme hate of conflict, I believe the pair could work as long as the INFJ knows that the ENTP means no harm in the “devil’s advocate” arguments they love to initiate. The ENTP is only playfully jeering and figuring out how light the INFJ is on their feet when it comes to intellectual topics.

Personally, I would love to have an ENTP. It would be nice for someone to appreciate my constant stream of sarcasm and to be able to converse about deeper things like science and politics instead of the usual social media/what everyone is doing and who is talking about who melodrama. I would happily volunteer to be someone’s Pepper Potts.

So there you have it. I am now in desperate need of an ENTP. I shall not rest until I find one.

I hope you all have a great day and stay ever so fantastic!

Loads of Love,


4 thoughts on “Wanted: ENTP

  1. Well hi! ENTP to the rescue here! Are you sure about what you are asking for Kattie? 😀

    Over time I’ve had several INFJ’s in my life, and applied them as a mirror for my thoughts and feelings… they have brought me to both sharpend and very new and refreshing insights about myself, the world, and about themselves. Actually it’s the type that has rocked my inner world the most, by far.
    Apart from F-developped INTJ’s it’s also the only type I’d consider dating seriously. All other types start boring me to tears eventually when the novelty wears off, either because they just can’t keep up with my NT, or because they become “too familiar”.

    I have good chemistry with just about all INFJ’s in my life (and that’s quite a few) and they generally like me very much visa versa. With some I’ve had a bang-on electric click right from the get-go after going 1on1 – even in groups. INFJ girls my age and (sometimes much) younger are drawn to me, but establishing a long lasting relationship has been difficult since they take quite their sweet time to start really trusting people and I’m quite an impatient guy that knows what he wants rather quickly: “So there’s raging chemistry between us, and we both know it: are we going to progress this and do something concrete or not -> I don’t have all life for you to make up your mind”.. generally gets them to bail, even though I know they’re interested, often very interested even… guess their risk aversity (and the fact that I live and am heading towards a very dynamic life) comes into play heavily there 😉
    The chemistry and click is intense at first but then it’s as if they just become downright scared of my potential to get under their skin straight to their core incredibly fast and rock their world… it’s as if they realize “wait wait wait I shouldn’t be trusting him this fast, that’s not like me, what if he’s going to hurt me… I need to go overthink this, I’m not sure…”. It’s been maddening sometimes 😉

    Also found out that INFJ’s are pretty easily hurt, and I’ve found them to be rather insecure about themselves often. That can lead an ENTP to inadvertently hurt them, as we’re not always aware of their sensitivities, most definately when not face2face. And we are generally very self-secure, so not naturally tuned into insecurities.
    Just had a first text conversation with an INFJ after meeting up once, and that turned disaster, as I was teasing her about something she was rather good at and just poking some fun, but unknowingly to me turned out to be very insecure about. Oh drama… the complaint that I was ‘being argumentative’ went through a friend of mine, that’s how I found out she was really hurt by taking my tease seriously. I tought her incredibly quick earlier “kay I’m done with you” pushback was just her way of teasing back. So I called her up to ease things up again.

    I generally make a point of INFJ’s being straightforward and direct with me from the get-go to avoid misunderstandings and unessesary hurt. They strive towards harmony, yet if you want harmony with me I require honesty and straightforwardness, brutal if you must. Especially if I don’t have you physically present (so I can read you), don’t make me have to read between your lines that you’re upset about something, as that will head towards a bad place quickly 🙂

    Anyways, good luck hunting for your very own ENTP!

    Ciao grl,

  2. Too Funny Kate. I completed the Myers-Briggs assessment question about a decade ago and came out a strong ENTP. I never gave it much thought because it seemed to nail down my personality type. Today on the way into the city, my lovely wife of 37 years administered the questionnaire orally. She could have almost completed it for me. When I tried to purposely choose the, “other” answer all I got in response was a sarcastic, “Really?” I just laughed! Still strong ENTP, HIgh intuitive, 50/50 introvert/extrovert. I don’t call them arguments just, “seeking alternative POV’s” Hahaha! Being a policeman for 32 years, an auditor, a former UN peace keeper and pilot/flight instructor for 20 years gives me lots of opportunity to use my ENTP personality! Life is too short not to enjoy the present and toy with people, just for the shock value and laugh! Many of my former students pilots who have moved on still say they hear Tom in their head when they are flying! Haha! Love it! Thanks for the well written article. Best Regads, . . . . Tom

    • How cool is that! It seems you have lived a very colorful and adventure filled life! I have considered getting my pilot’s license recently but unfortunately school and work has been good at getting in the way. (I am a Senior Accounting major. The joys of journaling and ledgers are endless.) I hope you have found MBTI to be as interesting as I have and thank you for reading. Have a lovely one.

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