Finding Charlotte


As of now I an rereading a beloved book that was a staple of my chidhood. “Charlotte’s Web” has stuck with me through the years and has taught me several lessons. One of my favorite characters in the book is definitely Charlotte. Honestly I am terrified of spiders but every time I read this book I manage to find a seemingly friendly arachnid and have a pleasant conversation with it.

We all need a Charlotte in our life. Charlotte uplifts and encourages Wilbur to help him reach his full potential. Without her there would be no miracles.
I want to be a Charlotte for someone else. I want to help people see that anything is possible with a little imagination and love. I believe that we could excel beyond what we ever dreamed if we would only encourage one another.

(I know, I know. It sounds like a cry baby cliche cheese fest, but it’s true!)

Just knowing that someone loves you and believes in you can make all the difference.

I hope you all have a good day and you stay…


Loads of Love,


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