An Introvert’s Plea


This is how I’ve felt my whole life. All ears no audible sound. For once can you not only hear me but listen? Not only look at me but see me? Not only sense me but embrace me? Instead of the background can I have five minutes of lime light? Not for the whole world to see me, just you. Is that selfish? Is it wrong? Is it jealousy? Or is it just human necessity?

For once can I step up and show you what I can do? Who I am? Who I can be? Would you give me five minutes? Would you forget all you’ve heard and see with your own eyes? Would you stop responding to the screaming and bend to listen to the whispering? Would you stop assuming I am weak and spineless? That I’m not sure of who I am? That I can’t handle what I’m going through?

I’m not one to cause a scene, but would that be what it takes? Theatrics, fireworks, a marching band, the whole lot?

Would that do it?

Could you accept me for who I am instead of trying to put me into a constricting mold?

See me. Listen to me. Please. Just five minutes. I’ll make it worth your while.

Your Introvert,


8 thoughts on “An Introvert’s Plea

      • My toddler interrupted me yesterday from making my full comment–I’ve been thinking about your blog ever since–I want you to know that I DID get super dramatic to become understood. Last summer. It was weird. I couldn’t take it anymore, no one was listening and it was INSANE. I started with my husband and it couldn’t have been anymore dramatic but it took him just two days to totag ally turn things around and pay attention to the issues. Issues like: no one cares. He gets it now, he can see it and I’m not so alone. I felt emboldened by the experience and tried to replicate it with family and friends. That went terrible. Very few friends and no family was interested in new boundaries. Man, that was sad. Exacerbated the loneliness. But only temporarily BC now I know those “friends” and “family” are not supportive of my emotional health and render the relationship toxic. My circle got smaller, but stronger. It’s a choice everyone has to make. How long can you stand this false reality? I couldn’t do it for one more second. Thanks for writing, you’ve got my brain processing and that’s good 🙂

      • I can definitely agree with the smaller circle thing. You are right. I’ve learned that I shouldn’t try myself over someone who didn’t want to listen any way. It’s a tough truth, but truth nevertheless. Thank you for reading! Have a good one!

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